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Chancellor's Space Information Review

Throughout the year, all UC San Diego space managers should accurately enter and maintain space data for efficient space management and utilization across campus.

Every fall, the campus provides space information to the UC Office of the President to conform with state reporting requirements and to inform long range, building lifecycle and capital project planning. This information is necessary for daily operations, planning and analysis for the main campus, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and UC San Diego Health locations in La Jolla, Hillcrest and across San Diego County.

The Fall 2023 Review closes on Oct. 31.

Space Management Contributors

Each VC area has access to Facilities Information Management — the campus space management system. See a list of contributors by VC area. If you have questions about the list or would like to submit changes, join the Tririga Community of Practice or contact Kirk Belles.


  1. Floor Plans: Walls, windows and doors need to be accurate, along with cubicle and furniture placement in office areas (academic, administrative and research). CAD files are preferred, but other measurements or floor plan corrections are accepted. Notify FSIM staff for floor plan corrections at
  2. Space IDs: Sometimes spaces are not visibly marked, including open office spaces with multiple work stations. If you have questions about the proper space identifiers, consult FSIM staff at
  3. Space Classifications: All spaces must be given an accurate space classification (PDF guide).
  4. Department Allocation: All Assignable Square Footage (ASF) must be given a space allocation to the appropriate department.
  5. Cluster Allocation. Review and correct your department Clusters and their allocations as needed.


Please remind your staff to update their Work Location Information (work arrangement and location) if they have not done so already.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of space classification in managed spaces?

The space manager is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of room classification data. If building signage discrepancies exist, report them to

What is the scope of the space review and who should review each space?

The Chancellor’s Space Review applies to the entire campus, including departments and programs within each Dean's purview.

How do I report performance issues with the Tririga application?

Check current system status at and report all Tririga issues to

Where can I find Tririga training resources?

We recommend reviewing the Tririga Training and Resources eLearning videos. You can also join our Community of Practice that meets the third Tuesday of every month.

Does ID=Employee ID?

Tririga hosts four different employee IDs (Tririga UID, UC Path ID, "Old" PPS ID and Student PID (for those employees with a student ID).

Is there a way to display room number, ASF, space type and occupant simultaneously?

Yes, by using a combination of text labels and report highlights on the floor plan viewer, you can display these items simultaneously. Contact Kirk Belles for details.

Can I run a space management error report to see which departments have not completed their space reviews?

Tririga does not provide progress reports. However, the FSIM team is developing a progress report that will show space changes by VC area and will share it with space managers by the end of October 2022.

How can I run a "less than 100% capacity" usage report?

Occupancy/Vacancy reports already exist in Tririga.

Can I view all lab capabilities, such as fume hood, BSL level, etc., in Tririga?

No, room amenities information is currently hosted in a different tool. We are collaborating with EVC staff to better understand instructional space and to develop a roadmap for this functionality.