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Facilities Sustainability at UC San Diego

Sustainability is part ofUC San Diego's institutional DNA imparted to us by Roger Revelle, one of the university’s founders and a pioneer of climate change research. Over the years, we’ve built on that legacy to become one of the nation’s most sustainable universities.

Climate and Energy

Air and Climate

With nearly a decade of leadership in sustainability, in 2013, UC was the first major university to announce its commitment to emitting net zero greenhouse gases from its buildings and vehicle fleet by 2025 with its the Carbon Neutrality Initiative.

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Clean Energy

In support of the climate neutrality goals, the University of California is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy use and switching to clean energy supplies.

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Water and Landscapes

Water Conservation

The campus Water Action Plan calls for a minimum 4% increase in water conservation annually. New campus plans will accelerate this goal to achieve City of San Diego Water Use Restrictions.

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Sustainable Landscapes

The campus landscape is a dynamic, attractive and functional space that plays a critical role in our efforts to create a sustainable future.

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