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Facility Resources

Transportation and Parking

University of California policy requires anyone who parks at UC San Diego to pay a fee. Save money and reduce carbon emissions when you take transit, share the ride, cycle, skate, scoot or walk to campus.

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Lost? Find a Waypoint!

UC San Diego has more than 250 waypoint location markers on light posts around campus. Scan the QR code to easily figure out where you are and where you need to go.

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Around Campus


Check out the many restaurants, cafés, fast food and pubs at UC San Diego.

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Public Art

The site-specific sculptures that comprise the Stuart Collection each tell a unique story.

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Maps and Drawings

UC San Diego has several mapping resources.

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Energy and Water Use Dashboards

Campus energy and water dashboards display data from over 1,200 acres of area on the UC San Diego main campus and La Jolla Medical Center. Users can choose a specific building to view more detailed data or view certain building groups. 

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Lost and Found

If you lost an item on or near campus, check to see if someone found it. If you found something, you can turn it in at Campus Curbside.

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