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Space Management Tools and Services

UC San Diego uses the Tririga Integrated Workplace Management System to help leadership make strategic facilities and real estate decisions that best serve the university and its constituents.

All campus space managers and their designated staff are expected to support biannual space information reviews and keep occupancy, vacancy and department use information accurate.

Request Updates and Corrections

Some space management information is not editable by users in FIM/Tririga and requires our assistance.

Construction and Renovation Plans

Until the OnBase document repository is available (expected winter 2024), find vector plans and project PDFs in the legacy Facilities Information System. The system is not part of the campus SSO, but a password is required.

Related Space Management Resources

Tririga Training and Resources

PDF Tririga Guides

On-Demand Training

We will work with you to ensure that you have the support you need. Contact to schedule remote instruction over Zoom.

eLearning Videos

UC San Diego One Drive account is required to access these video files. To view videos:

  • Click on the training video link.
  • Sign-in using your UC San Diego email address and AD password.
  • Click play at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Home Portal (10 minutes) – Basic navigation and the home portal
  2. Application Navigation (11 minutes) – Application, icons, bookmarks, hyperlinks and related reports
  3. Portfolio Portal (12 minutes) – Foundation data, such as buildings, floors, location, spaces and others
  4. Space Portal (10 minutes) – Provides several applications that Space Managers and Space Planners use (spaces, create new move requests, schedule moves, etc.)
    1. Space Classes (2 minutes) – Using Space Classes to determine space type
    2. Space Floor Plans (3 minutes) – Allows end users to see floor and space allocation layouts
    3. Space Manager People Assignment (5 minutes) – Using People Assignment
    4. Space Manager Department Allocation (5 minutes) – Using Department Allocation
    5. Moves (5 minutes) – Using Move request for individuals and resources
    6. Group Move (8 minutes) – Using Group Move request for groups and resources
    7. Space Use Agreement (8 minutes) – Time-bound agreement between two or more departments sharing space
  5. Cluster Portal (2 minutes) – A cluster represents any group that we want to allocate space to that is not a department e.g. research labs, shops, and shared resources.
  6. Reports Portal (3 minutes) – Using My Reports to create and copy available system reports
    1. My Reports and Community Tabs (2 minutes) – Using common Community Tab system reports
    2. Creating Report (8 minutes)
    3. Reports Modification (4 minutes) – How to modify a report
    4. Exporting and Printing (3 minutes) – How to export a report to PDF and Microsoft Excel formats and print

Support Materials

Presentations from instructor-led training held in April and May 2019

Tririga Community of Practice

Campus space managers and planners share tricks, lessons learned, new features and ideas on how best to support their teams. This Community of Practice is a great place to get your questions answered and see real examples of how to use Tririga.

Zoom Meetings

Meeting Videos

Access on OneDrive with your UC San Diego SSOaccount

  • Oct. 17, 2023 video; topics include:
    1. How to report a missing floorplan or incorrect layout in Tririga
    2. All campus occupancy and vacancy: Tririga space report review
    3. Tririga bookmarking capabilities demonstration
    4. Employee Work Location Form: Business rules review and feedback

Give Feedback


Space Management Roadmap (Tririga)

New developments – concurrent with the advance notice for the Fall 2022 Space Information Review

  • Locate application – space managers can quickly and easily refer to floor plans and people’s locations

Possible future enhancements include:

  • Facilities Activity Hub
  • Key management
  • Provisioning (move management support)
  • Mapping and GIS integration
  • Making research infrastructure visible in rooms (sinks, fume hoods, gas, hot/chilled water, etc.)

Future employee work location process improvement: To streamline the collection of employee work locations, a group of campus and health leaders are working on a new employee process and solution powered by Tririga that will change how we collect this information in the future. This process will support HR compliance processes and space planning requirements. The target release is spring 2023.

Space Management and Data References

Biennial National Science Foundation Science and Engineering Survey

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Survey of Science and Engineering Research Facilities is a congressionally mandated, biennial survey that collects data on the amount, construction, repair, renovation and funding of research facilities as well as the computing and networking capacities at U.S. colleges and universities.

Past UC San Diego Science and Engineering Research Facilities submissions (PDFs):

More Resources